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The Advantages of Using a GPS Tracked Taxi

GPS tracking

These days, many minicab operators are adopting GPS tracking to manage their fleets. And it is no wonder, as the benefits are many. From allowing the choice of efficient routes that require less fuel consumption and avoid traffic or roadworks, to monitoring the location and safety of drivers and being able to provide passengers with precise wait times, there is a lot to draw advantage from.

But as a passenger, why should you be seeking out those minicab operators that use GPS fleet tracking? Here are some of the top reasons why a GPS taxi should be your first choice.

Prioritising your safety

When you order a GPS taxi, you’ll be given full tracking information. The driver’s name, car make and model, and registration number. So you’ll know precisely who to look out for, and there will never be any risk of getting into the wrong vehicle.

What’s more, if the minicab operator provides a cab app, you’ll be able to track precisely where your driver is in real time. So instead of having to hang around outside looking out for your ride, you’ll be able to stay safe indoors until the cab arrives.

Keeping you informed

GPS fleet tracking allows minicab operators to provide passengers with an accurate picture of when their driver will arrive. Variables such as traffic, roadworks and other unexpected issues can all impact on the arrival time of a taxi. Without GPS tracking, the operator would never know of any potential delays.

If it’s important to you to be aware of precisely when your ride is going to arrive, and you’d also like an estimated time of arrival at your destination, be sure to use a minicab company that uses fleet GPS.

Giving you a smoother journey

GPS tracking allows minicab drivers to see where a regular route may be blocked so that they can choose an alternative. This is especially useful in locations where traffic can get heavy at certain times.

There is nothing worse than finding yourself stuck in traffic unexpectedly, especially if you are on your way to an appointment, a dinner date, a show or to catch a flight. Using a GPS taxi will make your trip all the more efficient in this respect.

Reducing wait times

When a minicab operator uses GPS fleet tracking, they can instantly see which of their cars are closest to you. Despatching the one that’s nearest to you means you’ll have a shorter wait time, which is always a good thing.

Ensuring a better quality passenger experience

As a minicab passenger, you put your safety in the hands of your driver. This is why it’s so important for minicab operators to make sure their drivers fall in line with their quality policy.

GPS tracking allows minicab operators to monitor what is going on with their drivers once they are out of sight. For example, they can check whether drivers are being safe on the road, and that they are arriving on time for pre-booked rides. Drivers also tend to be more aware of how they are driving when they know they are being monitored, which in turn makes them safer on the road.

The benefits of using an app-based GPS taxi

Being able to see instant minicab availability and to track the taxi directly to your waiting point provide peace of mind. Using a minicab app allows you to order a taxi with a simple tap, which is helpful when you can’t make a call. And because the app traces your location automatically, you won’t have to waste time trying to explain exactly where you are.

All you need to do is choose your destination, which can be stored in your favourites, book your ride, and wait safely for your driver to arrive. You’ll know just who you are looking out for, including what the driver looks like, so there will never be any confusion. This is especially useful at busy pickup points such as airports and shopping centres.

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