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Pricing Update

Dear Customers

We hope that you are doing well and getting back to a little bit of normality and possibly also returning back into life at the office.

As valued customer, we would like to express our appreciation and thank you for traveling with us and your continued support.

You will have noted via the new channels that the transport sector as a whole has dramatically affected and we as a whole face many challenges in rebuilding services. We are no different and as part of the public transport services we too are in the same situation and still face our challenges. In order to meet these challenges, we need to adapt to ensure we are able to continue to provide you with the quality service you expect.

After the pandemic, we too have experienced increasing costs within the industry and our business, particularly relating to fuel and licensing costs which have spiralled up and has had an serious effect on the running costs of continuing to provide our services.

There is also an acute shortage of drivers in the private hire industry, which is having a major impact on the availability of drivers to continue to provide our services.

In order to continue and ensure that we can meet your service expectations, we are having to make some changes and adapt to continue to be the company you can still rely on for your transport and travel needs.

With this in mind we are having to increase our prices for our passenger and courier services. The fares will be increased by approximately 10% starting on 1st June 2022.

The rise in prices will help us meet the raising costs to continue and to better serve you as a customer and continue to improve our services, whilst also developing our business to meet the government’s requirements surrounding low emission and greener air.

If you have any further questions, concerns or updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again for your business, it’s greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes,