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Vehicle PCO licence

Need to obtain a PCO Vehicle License

Once you’ve got your PCO license then your next priority will be getting a vehicle so that you can start earning money. You have 2 choices when it comes to vehicles, you can either hire one or buy your own.

The Vehicle PCO Licence, allows you to work as a minicab driver or chauffer with your vehicle. The licence is valid for 1 years and is issued by the PCO (Public Carriage Office) Test centres, who are part of Transport for London (TfL). This is required to ensure public safety. You cannot work as a private hire minicab driver with a vehicle that is not licensed.

If you choose to buy your own vehicle or perhaps use one you already own then you will need to get the vehicle licensed by the Public Carriage Office before you can use it for your job and start taking passengers. Currently there is an age limit on any new vehicle being put forward for licensing. The vehicle cannot be more than 5 years old from the manufactured date. In addition to this, no vehicle can remain licensed beyond it’s 10th year from the manufacture date.

documents you will need to PCO your car?

You will need to present the following original documents when you take your vehicle in:

  • Existing PHV vehicle licence (if applicable)
  • V5c DVLA Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • Hire and reward insurance documents.
  • MOT certificate issued within the last 14 days.
  • Vehicle modification documents. (if applicable)
  • Proof Of Vehicle Tax


Vehicle MOT

AS part your license you need to have your vehicle MOT tested every 6 months. The first MOT is due when you get your vehicle PCO licensed or when you get your vehicle re-licensed. The MOT should not be older then 14 days or it will not be accepted.

2nd MOT will be required 6 month from the date of your Vehicle licence.