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It’s Good to Share – Especially When you Need a Ride!

Have you ever been outside of your local area, needed a mini cab, and suddenly realised that you don’t have the phone number for any of the local cab firms? It happens to the best of us, and it can be a little scary to have that slightly stranded feeling.

However, today’s modern technology means that this feeling can easily be a thing of the past. Smartphone apps are now the method of choice for many people when booking a cab. And the ZedCarz app is no exception to this.

The Ultimate in Safety and Convenience

CordicThe idea behind the ZedCarz app is to simplify the booking process for you whilst allowing us to maintain the same levels of customer service and convenience that our clients have come to know and love.

It may be you’re in a busy location, and it’s too noisy to call. Perhaps you’re in a meeting, at an awards ceremony, or in good company at a restaurant where it would be rude to make a phone call. Or it could be that you would simply rather tap than talk.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can tap for a minicab from any location. For the ultimate in personal security and convenience, the app tracks your current location, so you don’t need to explain where you are. We then team up with our trusted partners in and around Surrey to make sure that you get home quickly and safely.

Book a Ride through ZedCarz, wherever you are in Surrey

The ZedCarz app is powered by the latest technology from Cordic, the very same platform that’s used by Uber.

Cordic allows us to partner up with other mini cab firms in and around Surrey. Working with those we trust means that when you find yourself outside of the ZedCarz catchment area, the app will quickly summon one of our partners to get you to your chosen destination safely. You can still pay up front through your phone, so there’s no need for cash to change hands.

Use a Mini Cab Firm you Trust, in any Location!

Through our collaborative relationship with trusted operators in nearby locations and thanks to Cordic, we can guarantee you’ll always get the ZedCarz service.

Style, comfort and safety are our main concerns, and our mobile app allows us to deliver this service no matter where you are in Surrey. Why not download the app today and know that you’ll never be without the contact details of a trusted minicab provider again?