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Payment methods that Zedcarz accepts:

More payment methods to come:


CashGOOD old fashioned cash in hand – as they say cash is king.

The drivers do not carry much cash or change in the vehicle, so if possible try to have the correct cash ready. We understand that this is not always possible, hence the driver will have some change with him.

Please always check your change before you exit the vehicle as it is always very difficult to correct mistakes later.

Card Payment

We accept all kinds of credit cards including American express, master card, visa cards and other credit debit cards.

These cards can be accepted:

With credit cards, to avoid fraud and failed payments we need to pre-authorise a payment.

‘Pre-authorisation Notice’

Important information for you regarding your credit/debit card

For all customers wishing to pay by credit card, Zedcarz will pre-authorise your card for your journey, plus a percentage of your journey cost for any additional charges which you may incur during your journey with us.

Payment can still be made in CASH at the end of the journey.

A ‘pre-authorisation’ is not a charge. The customer’s issuing bank/credit card company holds the pre-authorised amount temporarily from the available balance of the card holder’s account for Zedcarz to use. Pre-authorisation is a common process followed within Zedcarz in the UK. The way it works is that a pre-authorisation request is made by the Zedcarz syetem to the card holder’s bank, and your bank/credit card company authorises the funds and sends an authorisation code to Zedcarz. This confirms the availability of the requested funds in the card holder’s account to cover charges to Zedcarz (if any).

This authorisation code is expected to be used when the transaction is about to complete (that is, at the end of the journey). If the authorisation code given by your bank/credit card company is not used, this means that your account had no extra charges during the journey, Zedcarz has secured funds through other means (Cash or another card), and has had no need to use those blocked funds OR does not wish to proceed with the transaction due to other reasons.

If at the end of the journey, a guest decides to pay using Cash or with an alternative credit/debit card (different to the one provided on arrival); the amount taken from the first credit/debit card normally takes 5-7 working days to be released back to your card by your own issuing bank or credit card company. Some issuing banks and building societies may take longer specially for cards issued outside of the United Kingdom.

If you have any queries or problems regarding the pre-authorisation after the journey, please contact your issuing bank/credit card company. Zedcarz accepts no responsibility for any bank or credit card charges should your account become overdrawn as a result of this.

What is a ‘card pre-authorisation’ or a ‘temporary hold’ to my account?

What is a pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds on your bank account or credit card. This is used to ensure that the payment method is valid, and that there are sufficient funds available to pay for the service requested.

The pre-authorisation is not a charge, but a temporary hold, meaning that the funds held will be released after a short period of time.

Why does Zedcarz pre-authorise my payment method?

At Zedcarz we use pre-authorisations to ensure that customers have a valid payment method and sufficient funds available when placing an order for a trip.

This helps us to ensure we can pay your driver for the service they provide. This is a common practice on all ride-hailing apps and taxi companies.

When will my payment method be pre-authorised?

If you are paying using a Credit or Debit Card you will only be pre-authorised at the time you make a booking.

For future bookings, booking that are made x days or more in advance. Pre-authorisation will only be enforced x days before the booking date and time.

Why is my bank statement showing a pre-authorisation and a charge for the same trip?

If you are seeing more than one ‘Zedcarz’ entry on your bank statement relating to a recent order, rest assured that you are unlikely to have been double charged. Instead, one of the entries is likely to be a card pre-authorisation.

Why did Zedcarz perform a pre-authorisation even though the trip did not take place?

Once you push the “book” button in the app, Zedcarz will perform the pre-authorisation. We perform the authorisation before a driver gets allocated to ensure that no driver will be allocated a trip that gets cancelled due to a failed payment.

Unfortunately, this means that Zedcarz might have performed an authorisation although no trip was done. Where this is the case Zedcarz releases the authorisation within 30 minutes.

How much will I be pre-authorised?

The amount pre-authorised depends on the total amount of the fare you’re trying to book.

Journey Value Pre-authorisation Value
Between £0.00 – £6.00 £10.00
Between £6.01 – £10.00 £15.00
Between £10.01 – £20.00 £26.00
Between £20.01 – £50.00 30%
Between £50.01 – £150.00 25%
£150.01 and over 20%

When will the pre-authorisation be released?

Zedcarz will automatically release a pre-authorisation once the journey has been completed or at the point of cancellation. However, it may take up to a week for the funds to be available for you to spend again depending on your bank and their policies.

Airport pre-authorisation charge example

The total cost of an Airport transfer amounts to £33.10 including car park. The pre-authorisation amount is set to £43.03, this is the amount that the bank will reserve on your account until the fare is completed or cancelled.

Standard Journey pre-authorisation charge example

The total cost of a journey estimate equivalates to £13.20. The pre-authorisation amount is set to £26, this is the amount that the bank will reserve on your account until the fare is completed or cancelled.

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