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Top Ten Travel Apps – Useful & Handy Mobile Applications

Nowadays, pretty much everyone has got a smartphone or tablet.

Smartphones and tablets are capable of handling sophisticated mobile apps. Apple originally took the mobile app market by storm when they launched their App Store. In recent years, Android and Google followed Apple’s initiative and released their own App stores. Developers quickly created fantastic mobile Apps, and there are some really useful ones out there dedicated to travel.

With it being summer time, people love travelling and going on holiday. So here at ZedCarz we’ve put together a list of ten of our favourite travel apps.

  1. The ZedCarz AppZedCarz mobile app

OK, we must admit, we’re a little bias!

ZedCarz leads the way when it comes to comfortable and reliable private and executive private hire in London & Surrey.  With this in mind, it was only natural we’d have a great mobile app. Our mobile app is available for both Apple & Android devices – mobiles and tablets. Using the latest technology, the app picks up your location and you can request a vehicle to your this location or to another location. You can even pay through the app. It’s great.

Google Translate Logo2. Google Translate

So you travelled to the airport with ZedCarz and then boarded your plane. You’re abroad now, but can’t read the signs as they are in another language. Google Translate is a really handy translation app perfect for translating signs and menus. In a restaurant when you are trying to work out what menu items are without drawing attention to the fact you can’t understand the language, this is particularly useful.


When visiting a big city such as London or Barcelona, Citymapper is a very useful app. It helps with detailed planning of journeys and includes real-time bus and rail departure information. Given that the app works for 30 major cities and growing worldwide, it’s a must have.

XE Currency

You’re abroad and you’re in a shop, but you don’t know how much the item would cost in Sterling equivalent. XE Currency app is a quick and easy way to convert currency, making it simple to work out how much items abroad cost in sterling (or another currency).

Trip Advisor LogoTripAdvisor

The trip advisor app is a must have. Even before you go away, it’s useful for finding the best hotels and things to do. Once you’re away, you can quickly read reviews for restaurants and places of interest, so you know where you’re going to have a nice meal and where you’re not, and where you are going to spend a few fascinating hours and where you going to be bored.

6. TimeOut

As an alternative to Trip Advisor, TimOut is particularly useful for finding things to do wherever you are staying. It’s up to date, so you can see what’s happening during your stay so you don’t miss any local events of festivals.

Whatsapp Messenger

Millions of people worldwide use Whatsapp. With it’s free instant messaging and calling features, it’s an essential app for your mobile device and tablet. Great for keeping in touch with friends and family back home.

Trip It

All your trip details available at a glance saving you from rummaging trough travel documents or emails. 

App in the Air
App in the Air logo

Even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, App in the Air will keep you updated about your flights status. It will notify you when you need to check-in, about boarding and the app provides you with an an estimation of your take-off and landing times.

10 LiveTrekker

This one is really cool as it lets you look back on the places you’ve been. You can add pictures, videos and texts, so is a really great way to track your journey/holiday/adventures from start to finish – it’s like a digital map of your travels.