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ZedCarz Mobile App Now Available in Apple App Store

ZedCarz are delighted to announce that our mobile app is now available in Apple’s App Store.

An Android version of the app has been available for a long time, and we are pleased to compliment this with the iOS version of the app that our customers have been waiting for. It’s finally available.

The free application allows for easy bookings, and can be seen online at iTunes preview. It can be downloaded directly from your Apple device or you can download it from iTunes on your computer.

The ZedCarz Mobile App

We know that our customers want to be able to book a ZedCarz taxi quickly, simply and efficiently. The handy ZedCarz app brings added convenience. Tap for a taxi rather than call for one using our specialist mobile app.

You don’t need to explain to us where you are, because the app tracks your location. Simply select your location and book a ride. You can even pay the fare through your phone. You’ll be made aware of the vehicle type, colour and registration number of the driver, so you know which car to look for. The app will show you how far your driver is away from you, their estimated arrival time and of course alert you when the driver is outside.

Ideal For Noisy Environments

If you’re in a noisy environment or can’t make a call, the ZedCarz app is ideal. It’s also great for those who simply prefer to tap rather than talk! You can pay your fare in advance – so you don’t have to worry about having enough cash on you, and there’s an on-screen receipt for expenses in case you need one. As you can see, we’ve got it all covered!

It’s a fantastic app and is a must have for all iOS devices. Oh, and if you’ve got an Android device, remember it’s also available for you too.