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The last of our core principles is focussed around preventing the spread of coronavirus which includes at the very beginning ensuring no driver or passenger which displays COVID-19 symptoms is to ride with us.

Zedcarz understands we have a duty of care to all of our drivers and customers alike, were putting this as our number one priority. The steps we’ve put in place are to ensure that the solution we are providing is safe and effective for both passengers and drivers.

To guarantee safety measures are kept to the highest standard as possible we are supplying all of our drivers with Personal Protective Equipment, in line with World health Organisation advice, this includes; gloves, facemasks and hand sanitizer. Were also enhancing our vehicle inspections and ensuring the cleaning of vehicles twice a day, this includes cleansing of common touch points between between every journey.

With our PREVENT measures as well as PROTECT and PERSONAL rollout, any concerns around travelling should be alleviated as we continue to ensure Zedcarz operates a first class travel service with the highest standard of passenger and driver safety.

Prevent - COVID-19