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Saving Money On Business Air Travel

When travelling regularly by Air for business, there are many ways to keep the costs down. 

Without compromising heavily, small savings can be made on the flight itself, hotel, transport and meals, and these savings can quickly add up – leaving more money in your pocket!

Shop Around For Your Flight & Book In Advance

  • Check Airline Aggregators

Nowadays, there are websites that aggregate flight details and pricing from a host of providers.

SkyScanner.net, Bookings.com, Fly.co.uk & Expedia.com are all examples of this kind of resource; websites that can help you find cheap flights. The flexible date airfare search these websites offer can give you a wider range of hours and dates to chose from, and really help you find the best prices. Of course, this is just as long as you’re not insistent on specific travel dates, times and airlines.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Break Up The Journey / Use Separate Airlines

Sometimes, breaking up the journey into separate trips can save you money. Booking outbound and return journeys separately – with different airlines if necessary – can save money. Often one airline is cheaper for the outward journey and another airline cheaper for the return (and vice versa). But it’s fine to use multiple airlines.

  • Consider Indirect Flights

We know direct flights are more convenient, but if you’re prepared to break up each leg of the trip with indirect flights your total cost can be cheaper – but not always. If time is of the essence at your destination, avoid this option as this almost always increases your overall journey length.

  • Book In Advance Or Risk Last Minute Deals

Booking in advance is often the best way to guarantee the best price and availability, but occasionally booking last minute (not recommended when you need to guarantee availability) when a flight isn’t full can mean much cheaper ticket prices. Waiting until late to try and get a last minute deal can backfire as sometimes prices can increase dramatically close to date of departure. It’s a risk for you to consider.

  • Going Direct To Airlines

Individual airline websites may even have the best prices if you go to them directly. The cheapest airlines tend to be the likes of Ryanair, EasyJet and Aer Lingus. SkyScanner, as discussed earlier in this post, is a useful way to check flights across multiple dates and airlines, and can save you the hassle of going directly to each airline website if you are pushed for time. Although going direct can be more accurate. Sometimes, travel agents have exclusive prices and deals to consider that may make your overall trip (flights, hotel etc) less expensive, but are often more expensive as they add their own commission.

  • Leave The Optional Extras Back Home

Selecting your own seats can bump the cost up, but printing your own tickets can save you money. Keep to the specification and requirements of each airline. Try to travel light and settle for just hand luggage when you can; as the trip cost increases when adding extra baggage.

Arrange Your Airport Transfer

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