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News & Press: driver safety

Safety Procedure

PPE Protocols and Procedures for Customer and Driver Safety

The following protocols and procedures have been put in place for the safety of our customers as well as our drivers. Please read them carefully. We want to ensure that all drivers have the personal protective equipment (PPE), thus commencing from the 15th June, 2020 we will now be supplying the necessary PPE consisting of […]

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Driver Covid Check

COVID-19 Return to work – Personalised Risk Assessment

ALL Driver have to (MUST) adhere to our procedure and comply with these requirements to ensure your safety and all our customers. This assessment is being used for the screening of our drivers prior to their return to work. The purpose of this risk assessment is to protect customers, staff and drivers by identifying possible/confirmed […]

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Prevent - Spread - COVID-19


The last of our core principles is focussed around preventing the spread of coronavirus which includes at the very beginning ensuring no driver or passenger which displays COVID-19 symptoms is to ride with us. Zedcarz understands we have a duty of care to all of our drivers and customers alike, were putting this as our […]

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Personal Safety

Personal Safety

The second of our core principles of making a COVID secure transport service. PERSONAL aims to provide our passengers and drivers with the support and assurances they need to travel safely during this time. We are taking active measures that are enhanced during this time to ultimately safeguard every single person who shares a ride […]

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PROTECT you and our drivers from the pandemic

Your safety and the health of our drivers is our top priority

We understand that it has never been more important to ensure you choose a safe, clean and hygienic transport service you can trust. Zedcarz Group has over 40 years’ experience of being a part of London and Surrey, moving people around, parcels, businesses and airport runs around these areas come rain or shine. We understand […]

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