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What to Look for in a UK Courier Service

UK courier service

When we send packages, for business or personally, we expect them to be delivered with care, accuracy, and of course, on time. That’s why it’s important to choose a UK courier service with due consideration, especially if you’re relying on keeping customers happy. Here we look at what you should expect from a professional courier, so that you can prepare to send your packages with complete peace of mind.

Are they fully licensed and insured?

There is no official licensing scheme for a UK courier service. However, operators will need to have relevant goods vehicle licences in line with the vehicle weight, and drivers must have relevant driving licences and, where required, a valid certificate of competence (CPC).

Courier companies that transport live animals must have transporter authorisation from DEFRA and, where appropriate, a certificate of vehicle approval.

There are no other licensing requirements relating specifically to couriers, aside from a need for all vehicles to have valid road tax, and for all motor vehicles to be adequately insured.

On the subject of insurance, all UK courier service companies must have suitable goods in transit insurance to protect the value of the goods transported should they be lost, damaged or stolen, plus public liability insurance to protect against accidents involving members of the public.

Do they offer a delivery guarantee?

If delivery schedules are important to you and your customers, your chosen UK courier service will need to provide a guaranteed delivery service.

Think about how quickly you need to get your goods delivered, and make sure the courier has a proven track record in meeting those schedules, for example next day and same day deliveries.

It’s all very well offering such a service, but the proof lies within whether the courier is actually known to meet their promises. Be sure to look at reviews for customer feedback and reassurance.

Are drivers tracked?

All good UK courier services use tracked vehicles. If you want to be able to give your customers real time information on where your drivers are, you’ll need GPS tracking. It’s a great way to improve customer satisfaction and give them reassurance.

Do they offer a range of vehicles?

If you’re going to be despatching a range of consignment types across a variety of locations with different challenges, then you’re going to need a UK courier service with a choice of vehicles.

Vans, cars and mopeds each have their benefits in different situations and settings. Having the choice could mean the difference between your urgent consignment arriving within the hour courtesy of a moped, or a car or van getting stuck in traffic and being delayed.

Do they offer account services?

It’s always useful to have an account service set up so that you can pay your professional courier on a monthly invoice rather than pay as you go. As well as helping with cash flow, it also makes booking a courier run a lot more streamlined for staff.

Do they offer secure services for sensitive packages?

It’s helpful, if you have sensitive packages, confidential documentation or high value items, to have access to an onboard courier service, whereby the goods are closely watched by the professional courier at all times during the delivery process, ensuring the highest levels of care and security.

Such UK courier services are typically in demand for urgent and confidential documentation, critical manufacturing parts, prototypes, samples and high value items that require constant surveillance.

If you need to transport medical consignments, then your professional courier will need to meet the unique logistical requirements of the industry.

Finally, if you are despatching fragile goods, then you’ll need a specialist service that’s equipped to avoid any damage.

Looking for a UK courier service that ticks ALL the boxes?

At ZedCarZ, we offer a priority UK courier service, complete with full GPS vehicle tracking, a world-leading digital booking and despatch system, and a wide range of courier vehicles.

Our UK courier service provides the peace of mind of guaranteed delivery times, with same day, next day and overnight services for all package sizes. We operate account services; a signed proof of delivery service with full paper trails, and a trusted service for medical supplies and sensitive consignments.

ZedCarZ courier drivers are extensively trained and take full personal responsibility to personally ensure all consignments, whether urgent, confidential, sensitive or fragile, arrive safely and securely within the specified timeframe.

To find out more about the ZedCarZ UK courier service, you are welcome to get in touch or request a quote.