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Customer and Driver Safety during Covid-19 epidemic


With the issues of public health and safety at the forefront across everyone’s mind, Zedcarz Group have made the wellbeing of our passengers, drivers and employees our number one priority.

We want to ensure were offering a full and comprehensive service for all of our passengers, customers and clients alike, for your essential travel needs and delivery requirements during this period. Please be aware this is in line with UK Government advice, we have a clarified set of guidelines around managing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and protecting our staff, passengers and partners, whilst we maintain full-service continuity.

Our policy is continually updated in light of newer additional measures announced by the Government to manage the spread of COVID-19 and with new initiatives by Zedcarz Group to protect driver partners, passengers and employees.

What are we doing?

At the core of our policy is an adherence to Public Health England (PHE) guidelines – issued by the UK Government and regularly updated.

Hand Sanitising during Covid-19

Hand Sanitising during Covid-19

  • We’re proud to provide a full service to passengers and courier customers, we are asking passengers to ensure their journey is essential before booking.
  • We are continuously reinforcing PHE precautions to our drivers and employees to help prevent spreading of COVID-19.
  • We are asking passengers to follow UK Government and PHE/NHS guidelinesand ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 before they book with us, and stating this in the booking messages
  • Our employees are currently working from home, unless it is essential that they come in for their role e.g. drivers
  • We are requiring drivers who are exhibiting symptoms associated with the Coronavirus – high temperature or a dry cough – to stay at home.

what about courier services?

Zedcarz Group is following PHE guidance on the delivery of post and parcels, which currently states that there is no known risk that people can contract COVID-19 through receiving parcels. However, as a precautionary measure, if you are receiving a parcel or package direct to your home, our couriers will knock on your door or alert you to their arrival, place your parcel on the doorstep and step away to a safe distance of 2 metres so that you can collect it personally. They will log your receipt of the parcel themselves and you won’t have to sign for it. If you are unable to come to the door, we will leave a note and arrange for another time to deliver your item. If you are receiving a parcel in a workplace environment, our couriers will leave the parcel with an appropriate member of staff, such as a receptionist or security guard, following the same safety procedures.


Clean Car during covid-19

Clean Car during covid-19

We understand that people may have concerns about travelling in private hire vehicles during this time.

We can assure you that as well as following PHE advice, Zedcarz Group has put its own measures in place.

We are providing a range of protective equipment for drivers as supplies allow, including Protective gloves, hand-sanitiser gels, spray bottles, cleaning cloths and protective masks.

We can provide six-seater vehicles that offer passengers sitting in the rear seats a level of social distancing. For the same reason, we are not allowing customers to travel in the front passenger seat. Our apologies if that’s your favourite seat!

Zedcarz Group will continue to monitor PHE advice closely and stands ready to make necessary changes to help protect our passengers, employees and our drivers.