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What Makes a Good Zedcarz PCO Driver


Presentation goes a long way. The first impression the customers will get is when they see you for the first time. If you are well presented, then the customer already has good feeling about the journey and the service they are about to receive. So, make sure that the first impression is good by looking after yourself. After all the is for you on self-esteem as well. When you dress well then you feel good about yourself too.

Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out

It is very important to clean your car (internally and externally) regularly. We advise this, as not only does it make your vehicle visually pleasing, but we guarantee it is appreciated by all customers, and will increase the chances of their return. Furthermore, keeping your vehicle clean will mean a more pleasant experience for the customers and help get you that 5-star rating. A little bit of effort goes along way! Imagine what would happen with a lot of effort.

Overtime your PCO vehicle will inevitably take some damage such as dirt and hot tar in the Summer and Grit in the winter. This is another reason to go above and beyond to make sure your car is cleaned to prevent a buildup of this and possibly severely damaging your car.

Practice Good Driving Habits

Treat your PCO vehicle with respect. Get into good habits of driving sensibly and calmly, as we can assure you customers will not appreciate it if you are driving like Lewis Hamilton. Moreover, good driving habits will go along way and this will assure that the customer has a pleasant journey and gets to their destination safely, which is our top priorities.

Even your vehicle will appreciate calm sensible driving for example, slow starts cause less strain on the engine and decrease fuel consumption. Harsh braking will affect your mileage and the car long term. Furthermore, driving your vehicle harshly will cause more problems under the bonnet, making your vehicle more prone to problems, ultimately affecting your pocket and your job. Likewise, driving in an insensible manner will also mean you are my prone to accidents which again will affect your pocket and your job. So, drive sensibly and safely and its guaranteed your customers and your vehicle will appreciate it.

Punctual, Professional and Presentable (3P’s)

Punctuality is very important; in fact, it is a must in order to be a good PCO driver. Punctuality displays a person’s respect for people and time. A customer books a cab at a certain time for a reason, so it is our job to be there on time or even a few minutes before to show we care, and to show what a good Zedcarz’s driver is. The customer will also appreciate the fact that we show up on time regardless whether they express it or not. Overall, being on time helps ensure that you’re doing your best to keep things running smoothly.

Being professional involves a variety of different components when it comes to be a good Zedcarz’s driver. Firstly, the small things matter; being punctual, polite, courteous and having good manners are key, this all sets a positive tone for the journey and ultimately putting the customer at ease. Moreover, confirming the passenger name is always a good start, you do not want to take the wrong customer to the wrong destination, believe us that will not go down well. Thus, always confirm the passengers name and where they are heading to.


First impressions really are everything for being a good Zedcarz’s driver and if you conduct yourself in an uninterested, sloppy way, people aren’t going to take you seriously and they’re going to think that you’ll have the same sloppy attitude to work, making them lower their expectations of you. However, this is not what would happen, as a good Zedcarz’s driver will turn up with a positive attitude and in formal attire, showing the customer that you conduct yourself in a good manner.

Being presentable is key in order to be a good Zedcarz’s driver, not only does it look professional, but it shows you take pride in yourself and in your job. Furthermore, the customer will always feel more comfortable and appreciate someone who looks formally dressed rather than someone who turns up looking scruffy. Going above and beyond will go along way, people notice a shirt and tie over jeans and a top.

There are many components put together to make a good presentable Zedcarz’s driver. This means there is more to being presentable than just being neat and tidy. For example, a good Zedcarz’s driver will give out polite greetings and make their customers feel comfortable throughout the entirety of the ride. Also giving good conversation when possible and playing suitable music depending on the customer (or ask the customer what music they would prefer) Additionally, they should act professionally and help passengers with their luggage (and handle it with care).


Remember the office staff will make the booking, but the driver will ensure if the customer returns to us, again and again