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Travel in style this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and that means you’ll be taking part in plenty of festive activities. As soon as the calendar rolls over into December, every restaurant in the area is fully booked for Christmas parties. No doubt a lot of you will have office parties and shindigs with friends to organise and attend this festive season. Travelling to and from these parties is usually the toughest and most complicated thing ever. You need a safe travel option that gets you there on time and picks you up when you need to leave.

More to the point, you want to travel in style this Christmas. These parties only come around once a year and are a great time to take things to a new level and feel extra fancy. Bearing that in mind, here are some helpful tips to ensure you stay stylish when travelling to and from your Christmas parties.

Avoid Public Transport

It’s pretty much impossible to travel in style if you’re getting public transport. There nothing luxurious about it, and it’s unreliable too. If you have an office party to attend, you don’t want to turn up an hour late because the trains were cancelled and the buses were delayed. Plus, public transport will never take you right outside the event you’re attending. It’s likely you’ll have to walk for a little bit in the cold winter weather. There’s nothing stylish about turning up looking windswept and cold!

Get Taken To The Front Door

Regardless of where your office party is you should always look to get dropped off outside the front door. This lets you get out and enter the venue with ease and keep your outfit looking stylish. Also, it lets people see the car you’ve turned up in too. So, they can be amazed when you get dropped off in a sumptuous executive car that oozes luxury. There are plenty of black cab taxi services that will take you to the front door but where’s the luxury in that? You’ll end up looking like every other person that got a black cab to the event, it’s not stylish.

Make Sure You’re In A Fancy Car

If you get dropped off at a Christmas party in a boring little family car, then no one is going to be impressed. However, if you get dropped off in a fancy car, then you’ll start turning heads. No doubt the car will be a topic of conversation when you get inside and start mingling. Everyone will want to know how you found such a stylish vehicle to take you to the event.

To ensure you travel in style this Christmas, give ZedCarz a call and book some executive private car hire. We’ll ensure you don’t have to get public transport and can stay away from the old fashioned looking taxis. Our executive cars can take you and your friends to and from events and make sure you’re always on time. Get dropped off in a luxury car and start wowing all your colleagues and friends at the next Christmas party.