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Travel Hacks – How to Pack Smartly

Budget airlines in particular limit you on space. This means you have to be careful and smart on how you pack, in order to get the most out of your luggage quota.

  • First things first. Start off with your suitcase. Opt for a strong, quality suitcase but one that is lightweight. The heavier suitcases weigh you down so avoid these. We recommend suitcases that have extra compartments inside to utilise space as much as possible.
  • Heavy items should be packed into the corners – close to the wheels. This avoids weighing the suitcase down or toppling over and keeps everything nice and stable.
  • Travelling for business? If you have business attire such as a suit, fold the jacket inside out to reduce wrinkling.
  • Rolling your clothes rather than folding them is an efficient way of getting the most out of your suitcase space. They are also less likely to wrinkle.
  • Bring a carrier bag to store dirty laundry in – to help keep them separate.
  • Deadspace is more useful than you think. Inside shoes, store phone chargers, underwear and socks.
  • Sunglass cases can be used to store cables neatly and tidily if you have room.
  • Liquid toiletries should always be tightly in bags. Air pressure can open up bottles and cause a very nasty surprise. So take precautions to ensure they are in bags.

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