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Making Air Travel With Kids Less Stressful

Travelling by Air can be very stressful. This stress is usually heightened when travelling with kids.

So with summer holidays upon us in just a few weeks, we’ve looked at a few ways to help reduce potential stress when travelling by air – with (or without) kids.

Modern Passenger airplane flight in sunset panorama

Get Snacks In Advance

Airport (and in-air) prices are expensive and choice is often limited. Buy snacks in advance and pack them for consumption on the plane. Travelling with cranky, hungry kids is stressful, so make sure you have enough food available.

Little child with tablet computer on the lap sitting by the illuminator in the plane

Download Films, Apps, Books and Music

To keep you and the kids entertained on the plane, and make the journey by air more relaxing, comfortable and less stressful, prepare a selection of films, mobile apps/games, e-books (or conventional paper books if you have the space) and music to enjoy.

Book Airport Transfer In Advance

Demand for airport transfers and private hire in general is high during the summer holidays, when thousands go abroad each day. To save money but also guarantee availability, book your airport transfer in advance. ZedCarz offers a comfortable, reliable airport transfer service to and from all London and surrounding area airports.

App Phones1Arrive At The Airport In Good Time

This is one of the biggest causes of stress. When you’re rushed and running late, you start to panic and become stressed, and the whole journey can become a nightmare. If you opt for ZedCarz airport transfer service, we use the most efficient and quickest route to get you to the airport in good time.

That said, there’s only so much we can do, so you need to book your taxi in advance. We can suggest a suitable pickup time based on your flight details and departure time, but we always recommend that we pick you up so that there would be two hours minimum upon arrival before your flight. This leaves you with enough time to get through security and the other formalities.

Woman passes through the airport terminal with her luggage

Double Check Luggage & Requirements

Double check you have everything you need for a journey – including passports etc. Make a list before hand of everything you intend to take, and check off everything you have packed when you see it. Then double check and tick off everything one by one again.

Take the list with you if you want for peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than panicking about whether you have packed something or not once you have left for the airport – and then having to rummage through bags, go back to collect if essential etc. So having the peace of mind that you have packed something can be helpful.

Opt for Comfortable Clothing

Travel in something comfortable. It may be bucketing down with rain on your way to the airport and your destination may be boiling hot (or freezing cold, if heat isn’t your thing) but if you’re boarding long flight wear something comfortable for the journey. Make sure the kids are appropriately dressed too. Jogging pants and slip on shoes are examples of comfortable wear.

ZedCarz: The Airport Transfer Specialist

ZedCarz are airport transfer specialists, with customers trusting us with this service for over two decades. Our direct line is 0208 330 3300.