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The Perfect Valentines Evening – How To Plan & Keeping it Affordable

Valentines Day is just upon us, and we all know what that means: love is in the air – and ZedCarz taxis!

Plans are being made up and down the country for this special romantic occasion. Typically, this is an expensive day – but forget about the gifts for a moment (they’re essential!). We’re talking about dinner, drinks, theatre – all those activities that can prove to be rather costly. And making February 14th more expensive is the fact that many businesses often cash in by raising their prices on and around Valentines day – with increased prices across the entire Valentines weekend as Valentines Day falls on a Sunday this year.

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be expensive though. We’ve looked at some ways to avoid those heightened prices and celebrate on a budget – with no compromise on experience.

  1. Avoid Restaurant Set Menus & Research Accordingly. As we were saying earlier, many businesses – particularly restaurants – increase their prices on Valentines evening to cash in on the increased demand for tables to dine. They often offer ‘special’ set menus. These can work out much more expensive than if you were to dine on a normal night. We recommend doing your research so that wherever you book you are only paying normal prices – with no set menus.
  2. Book Your Transportation In Good Time. We’re known a prestigious, reliable private and executive private hire taxi company in London and Surrey. It’s a romantic day, and we know you don’t want to be using public transport with your special one on Valentines Day. Avoid the increased ‘last minute prices’ of rival taxi firms by opting for ZedCarz and booking ahead; Valentine Day is a very busy day for taxi drivers so here at ZedCarz we always recommend booking in advance. You can book a taxi on 0208 330 3300. Why not travel in style in one of our executive taxis?
  3. The Little Things Go A Long Way – And Don’t Always Follow The Crowd.   Small, simple thoughts and gestures can go along way. Yes, February 14th is associated with chocolates and flowers – particularly red roses. But these are expensive and in high demand. You don’t have follow the crowd – do something different and stand out. Everyone will be gifting red roses! Orchids, carnations and lilies can be just as affordable and will be a very special gift too.

To book a ZedCarz private or executive private hire taxi for Valentines weekend call us on 0208 330 3300. You can also use our handy mobile app to book or if you need to, obtain a quote online.